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Warren Buffett on savings and how to allocate capital

The legendary oracle of omaha gives advices to the main street individual investor.
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Warren Buffett on Energy Deregulation

Listen to Warren Buffett discuss how Energy Deregulation will be the largest industry to deregulate in our lifetime. Join our TEAM today and let us help you achieve your financial freedom.

Grant Rant #61: Warren Buffett’s Tax Lie – Grant Rant #61: Warren Buffett’s Tax Lie – Warren Buffett said his secretary pays more taxes than he does, but that’s not true. People need to dig into the facts and understand his secretary simply makes less money. If Warren Buffett wants to give more money to the government then, by all means, cut the check. Everyone else needs to start investing their money, like Warren Buffett, to reduce the amount of taxes they’ll pay. SELL OR BE SOLD SELL TO SURVIVE BOOK THE 10X RULE CARDONE ZONE SIGNS IF YOU’RE NOT FIRST, YOU’RE LAST BOOK THE CLOSER’S SURVIVAL GUIDE BOOK
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Steadyhand Investment Funds Inc. – Steadyhand Podcasts

Steadyhand Investment Funds Inc. – Steadyhand Podcasts

from Steadyhand Podcasts

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Warren Buffett – Interview With the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (01)

Warren Buffett – Interview With the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (01)

from Warren Buffett’s Interview With the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission

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Learn By Watching Buffett

Article by Mark Riddix

Warren Buffett is one of the legends of investing. I often read books about him watch his interviews on television as I try to learn as much as possible about his investing style. I respect the fact that Buffett knows a lot about what it takes to make money investing.

The Race Is Not Given To The Swift

It is not the fly by night investor that wins race but the patient investor. Investing is an art and like any good work of art, it takes time to see results. Don t judge your investment s performance over 1 month or 3 month time period. Judge your portfolio s performance on a 5 year basis. Sometimes it can take a two to three years to see an investment strategy start to play out.

For example, Buffett s investments in General Electric and Goldman Sachs looked foolish to the public in 2008. He even wrote an op ed piece urging investors to buy American customers. Buffett was mocked for his assertion. Fast forward to 2011 and Buffett has raked in billions of dollars with his bold calls. I would bet that Buffett s bets will make him even more money over the next few years.

The Early Bird Catches The Worm

If you wait for the general public to endorse your investment decisions, you will miss the best opportunities for investing. Buffett is often a contrarian investor. He will invest in sectors when things seem to look the best for him. More often than not, these decisions work for him. Occasionally, these decisions have worked against him(like his investment in GE).

You can often make money investing by being one of the earliest investors in a sector. What would your returns have been if you invested in the tech sector or the financial sector during the market crash of 2008 to 2009? Great investors like Buffett are often willing to take calculated risks as long as they have a solid expectation of profit.

Keep It Simple Stupid

Investing in stocks doesn t have to be anything like organic chemistry. Investors often make investing way more complicated than it has to be by investing in companies with complex business models. There were millions of investors in Enron who had no idea that Enron s paper profits were derived from complex schemes and not selling energy itself.

Buffett only invests in companies that have business models that are easy to understand. It s easy to tell how companies like Apple, Target, and Hershey s make their money. There are a lot of small and mid cap biotechnology companies that are hot stocks that investors buy despite the fact that they have no idea how they make their money.

For more information about how to make how to invest, and learn about mutual funds visit Buy Like Buffett.

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What apos;s Warren Buffett gunning for in his Asia trip?

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett is visiting Asia to look for new investment opportunities in the region.
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Warren Buffett – You Must Embarrass the Board Members

For the latest Warren Buffett, go to – Buffett has been a board member of 19 different companies, but no one ever wants him to be on a comp committee. They hate rationality to come into that discussion. The best way to affect the decision of board members is to embarrass them. That’s why the press can be useful in that regard. If a few institutional investors would speak out, then they could quickly change the world as well. Mostly, the board members look at it as a lucrative social experience, and they don’t want to rock the boat. If the top 5 institutional investors would speak up about an issue that matters, then they could easily change things. They just need to focus on the right issue and not dilute it by speaking about a whole bunch of other irrelevant issues. There are 4 questions that get asked by the audit committee of Berkshire. One of the most important questions is that if the auditor himself were to put together Berkshire’s books, would he have done it in the same manner?
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Bill Gates and Warren Buffet unveil the new BYD car model

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett attending the Beijing launch of BYD’s M6 MPV car model.
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