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Warren Buffett proposes

Warren Buffett proposes to NYU Stern MBA student
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BNSF manifest rolls southward into Saginaw Yard, Saginaw TX

Image by roy.luck
BNSF’s corporate HQ are located just 2 miles east of here. BNSF Railways, the product of a 1996 merger between Burlington Northern and Santa Fe, are owned 100% by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway holding company. Sepia-tone image.

Streamlining the process – Warren Buffett’s Secret “Value” Formula – A response to MrAlanKendall

Just a short video on how you can write your own application in order to find good value stocks using Warren Buffett’s Value Formula. Reduces the manual labor and actually applies the formula for you by parsing online stock data and returning useful results for you to analyze later on.
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The three female executives of Google

Article by Kitty Lily

Science and technology industry female employees too little proportion is already is a hot topic in silicon valley, and statistical data shows, the situation is still in further deterioration. According to the U.S. labor department data, women in computer related position the proportion of only 25% in 2009, down from 30% in 2000. The 2007-08 school year, obtained the computer information system degree than women make up only 18%, lower than the 2001-02 school year of 28%.

Although science and technology industry also has some female executives, including yahoo CEO Carol Bartz, buzz (Carol) and HP executives Anne Livermore (Ann Livermore), but according to a McKinsey survey, science and technology, industry of women workers is eager to be the proportion of male executives far below, respectively, 16% and 26%.

Google’s three female vice President have recently received media interviews, they were: 36 meyer (Marissa Mayer andimarisa), 34, Jane’s Patrick murphy (Jen Fitzpatrick) and 42 Susan WoXiJi (Susan Wojcicki).

All three are joined in 1999 Google, that Larry Page (distance) and the brief benchwarmer auspicious blanchett Sergey Brin) in the forest (WoXiJi garage founded Google only in the past few months time. They all think that, although women in science and technology executive position is less and less, but the number of Facebook and Twitter, including the rise of social media company seems to will attract more women into science and technology field.

The following is a factual record: interviewQ: the United States would have to promotion of the status of the movement of women in enterprise. Whether you think the technology industry is also the situation?

Meyer: in the technology industry, the key problem is that you are a guest. Many people have asked me, as a woman, in Google is what feeling. I don’t think so. I is Google’s a geek.

WoXiJi: Google from the very beginning a diversity is paid attention to. Once you start to work and began to solve the problem, this problem would not exist.

Meyer: computer science and engineering graduates in the decrease, the female is alarming. But the simple fact is: we develop computer scientists of the whole is used not quite, so I think that this is not just a gender problems. If we can cultivate more computer scientists, women’s JueDuiShu will grow, we will get better balance.

Q: Facebook and strong consumption Internet enterprise growth is attracting more women into this field?

Phillips: every time I’s Patrick to university in the department of computer science communication with girls, to be able to see some “soft evidence”. You can use of mobile phones and about what developers kit, existence many substantial evidence: you can create miracles, and let people feel more easy to do.

Meyer: I know hours a computer scientist at J.C. Penney, he of the classification system work. Now, Google, Facebook, Twitter and other companies are female students in daily life, some of them will say, “oh, my god, how did you do it?”

Q: do you find there are more and more women work as mobile application development?Bates Patrick murphy: of course.

WoXiJi: this is a very new industry. When I graduated from the college computer just started to use the hard disk. Now, all the children will use mobile phones, and we are in the age of a first start of science and technology. It opens the way for the next generation, they will gradually will this as a good career dazzle cruel.

Phillips: there are a lot of Patrick’s about science and technology industry is how to live, but it is not that is the truth.

WoXiJi: one story is, you must be proficient in technology to be successful. You must understand the technology, but not necessarily himself write all the code. People’s responsibilities range is very wide.

Q: women in the industry faces what challenges?

WoXiJi: people will face a lot of fresh opportunities, create your own enterprise. On the other hand, due to the rapid development of industry, once the backward, it is hard to catch up with. And other professional different, you can’t in only two days a week do a lot of things.Q: silicon valley technology enterprise in help women back to work, and make excellent maternity leave policy do?

Phillips: we had some Patrick’s positive examples, such as someone once several years of false Hugh. This is likely, but needs a lot of stimulus.

WoXiJi: this is a shortage of the market, so if women can go back to her has a large number of skills realm of experience is very good. If the enterprise can keep them, can get a bigger profit.Q: silicon valley has so many new company, why high growth of Internet enterprise women executives not?

Meyer: I invest the Kings Lane, this is 25 (Zynga founder is Mark Pincus (Mark Pincus) wife) Alison Pincus (Alison Pincus) and Susan phil DE man (Susan Feldman) founded the, the company for decorations do private sales. I also invested in a Minted called the enterprise, it tried to build a creative market, founder is maria’s on the west, Philippines (Mariam Naficy). In the TechCrunch Disrupt conference on business enterprises, the first time a woman founder win. The owner of the company called Getaround help foreign rental car. To my surprise, this is not a girl, they now gas company has been Warren Buffett (Warren Buffett’s investment.

Q: how important to women mentor?WoXiJi: and for guidance, compared with friends or more important fellow-travellers. We three people have been remain so far was not an accident. Every month we will party. We help each other, this is very precious.

Phillips: it’s Patrick is especially important for women, so that they can give confidence, especially in earlier years.

Q: technology industry the proportion of women are less problem?WoXiJi: I hope to see more women in technology. I welcome and are willing to work with more women.Meyer: I view the more broad some. Talent is now shortage, we need more computer scientist. Considering our society starts degree, we are training enough computer scientists? The answer to this question is obviously negative.

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Warren Buffett – (1/10) – MBA Talk

*** COMMERCIAL: Let others work for you: *** Warren Buffet talks to MBA students at The University of Florida in 1998
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The World’s Richest People: How They Get There?

Article by Littlecg123

Ahh, the big question buzzing around. Anyone hear from the world’s richest and most people know are aware of their source of wealth. Unfortunately, many do not know how they actually came to be so wealthy and prosperous. Well, let’s find out who you are!

Not ready, many people may already be thinking about ways to get rich couple. Innovation, investment, mining, oil, etc. But still, how can you make 50 billion dollars? Let’s start with innovation. Of course, the classic way to start a business is to devise something that is not based on the idea. One great example, we can take is to Microsoft. Almost 25 years ago, Bill Gates and his team started out as entrepreneurs hoping to win the group. They worked hard at programming Basic and building their own computers. Once they have mastered the art so they could sell their first computer and voila, you have the Microsoft. The reason Microsoft was so successful because their products were good! Computers and operating systems were new and innovative. It found that the modern personal computer standard. When the company started to generate revenue, they began to hit off and land contract deals. With financial assistance genius, Bill Gates, the company took a whole different level and now they are thriving just fine. Bill Gates is in fact a second The richest man in the world with a net worth of 56 billion dollars.

Next, we’ll deal with the investment. The stock market is risky, but high risk can be a big success, I am sure all of you business owners are familiar with this. But with a healthy mind and a way of thinking, one can be very successful. Let’s use the example of Warren Buffett. Warren Buffett is probably the biggest investor in the world right now. He knows he is automatically a good time to buy and when to allow the stock to go. Currently, Warren Buffett is the third Richest person in the world, the net value of $ 50 billion. Buffet’s investment company Berkshire Hathaway, and apparently very successful. Warren Buffett got where he is because its a great and rare skill to select and predict which stocks have the highest profit, and that talent only comes from experience. Thus, all the while messing with the stock is risky, you can always come in with great success.

The last method to get rich I’m going to discuss the mining and oil businesses. Mining, minerals as well as risky. To get started, you have a large budget, which is not always available. Secondly, you need manpower and plan. Just because you have the materials you need a place to start. Finding these places is tough. If you do not finish successfully, you will not sell, you do not earn money and benefit your business to exist. She believes intelligent planning and experience to be successful this kind of business. The same applies to the petroleum industry. After the BP oil spill, there were regulations on oil companies and the tone it was difficult to obtain. Moreover, the decline in oil supply and demand for alternative energy and oil business eventually fail.

In conclusion, get rich, you need to take risks. Unfortunately, there is no other way around it. Unfortunately, many who take such a risk does not usually come out successful. It’s a tough world, and if you want to climb to the top of the mountain, you must have a plan. Your ride to the summit could be an invention or talent, even brilliant mind for business. In general, it is difficult to be successful, but not impossible.

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Street Fighting Moves Interviews – Michael Warren on 3 Secrets to Overcome Fear of Street-Fighting

Charles – In this article, I have an expert combat instructor who’s going to explain for us a very important topic that most people who are not used to combat need to overcome, and that’s the fear of fighting.  So, Michael is going to help us out, and give us 3 of his secrets to overcome the fear of fighting.  How are you doing this evening, Mike?

Warren – Pretty good, and ready to give everyone these 3 key secrets to help make themselves much more prepared for an altercations that they may come across out on the street.

Charles – Okay, let’s just rock and roll, and get right down to it.  Give us, one-by-one, the 3 secrets to overcome the fear of fighting.

Warren – Certainly,

The First Key Secret – Study A Defensive System (A System of Fighting) - Actually getting out and studying, whether you pick up a book, walk into a dojo, go into a personal self-protective seminar.  Finding out information about what a fight is and how you can better prepare yourself for it, you will instantly start to address your first fear which is the unknown.  Find out what a fight is. 

Charles – Okay, and number 2?

Warren – Okay,

Number Two – Actually Train - Find a method of addressing those key things that you found that you find frightening out in a fight.  This involves a method of training, and actually applying some of these theories with a partner, with yourself if you have to, visualization, and get over that initial feeling of getting hit.  Find out that it is not as necessarily as bad as you think, and as long as you keep you head on your shoulders, you can generally overcome that.  Get out there and try it. 

Charles – Okay, and what would be the third secret to overcome the fear of fighting?

Warren – Okay,

The Third Secret – Acknowledge That There Will Always Be Fear When Fighting Is Involved - But look at it from a medical standpoint.  That’s actually critical to your survival.  Having a sense of fear means you are going to have heightened senses of awareness.  Your body is going to be less receptive to actual pain, and your strength is going to be improved as you enter a fight or flight syndrome.  Actually, you want to have a little bit of fear.  That means you’re e not going around believing you are invincible.  And you’ll probably approach things with a realistic manner instead of trying to do some of the things you may see in some of the movies nowadays. 

Charles – (Laughter.)

Warren – So, having a little bit of fear and recognizing that, and that’s it’s okay, and that everyone fearful, even on the battlefield – is the third secret to overcoming fear is to recognize you have it.  Or as John Wayne said, “Real courage is being scared to hell, and saddling up anyway, Pilgrim.”

Charles – (Laughter.)  I like that.  Well that’s really clear, and we thank you so much for these three secrets.  And until the next time.

Warren – Until then.

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Warren Buffett – Success principles – Warren Buffett secret to success
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Warren Buffett's Dirty Secret - Investor or Criminal ? Leave Comment Pls

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Taxi Driver, is the richer than Warren Buffett!

A Taxi Driver (Jimmie Price) explains to Jamie Johnson (Documentary Filmmaker and Heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune) why he is the richest man in the world. Nicole Buffett, Warren Buffett’s Granddaughter, explains how money has gotten in the way of her family’s happiness. *I do not own the rights to the film and am not affiliated in anyway with: _The One Percent_. Dir. Jamie Johnson. Wise & Good Film, 2006.

Warren Buffett gives it away – and it’s about time!

My first speech in Introduction to Speech Communications at North Idaho College.