Godfather of the Used Mobile Home Business Making Real Estate Investors an Offer They Can’t Refuse – Lonnie Scruggs to Serve as Keynote Speaker at Mobile Home Millions 6

Godfather of the Used Mobile Home Business Making Real Estate Investors an Offer They Can’t Refuse – Lonnie Scruggs to Serve as Keynote Speaker at Mobile Home Millions 6

Mobile Home University

Austin, TX (PRWEB) March 12, 2008

Attendees of this year’s Mobile Home Millions conference will be hobnobbing with some of the biggest names in the mobile home park investing arena. Although Warren Buffett will not be among them, topping the bill will be the “Don Corleone” of manufactured home investing, Lonnie Scruggs. When Mobile Home Millions 6 opens its doors at the Sheraton Austin Hotel in Austin, TX, this April 18-20, the “God Father” of the used mobile home business will serve as the keynote speaker. Real estate investors who would like to sign up for Mobile Home Millions 6 before the conference sells out can do so online at Mobile Home Millions 6 – Learn How to Make Huge Profits in Mobile Home and Mobile Home Park Investing.

A three day extravaganza, Mobile Home Millions 6 will teach mobile home investors how to generate cash flow, build wealth and come out on top of the changing real estate market. Leading experts in the mobile home and mobile home park investing arena will share priceless knowledge on how to get started in the manufactured home and mobile home park business, increase profitability on investments in such markets and network with hundreds of like-minded investors.

Among the Mobile Home Millions 6 lineup of presenters who will reveal their money-making secrets and techniques will be none other than the “god father” of the used mobile home business, Lonnie Scruggs. For nearly two decades, Scruggs has dealt in used mobile home notes and shared his experiences in two bestselling books, “Deals on Wheels” and “Making Money with Mobile Homes”. That kind of experience puts Scruggs light years ahead of the industry’s most famous investor, Warren Buffett, who has been in the manufactured housing arena for only five years.

As one of the most respected national instructors on the topic of making money in used mobile homes, Mobile Home Millions 6 attendees are in for a real treat with Scruggs’ keynote speech. The first to teach others how to make big profits with mobile homes as an alternative to traditional real estate investing, Scruggs is graciously sharing all his insider secrets with the select few who secure a spot at the Mobile Home Millions 6 conference.

Ernest Tew, another legend of the mobile home park investing arena, raved about the Mobile Home Millions experience, “You definitely want to learn from those who are successful and walk-the-talk. The lineup of speakers and participants for Mobile Home Millions represents some of the best and brightest in the industry … you will be hard pressed to find such a large collection of talented investors at any single event!” With Lonnie Scruggs topping this year’s lineup, upcoming feedback for Mobile Home Millions 6 is guaranteed to be as glowing.

To learn more about Mobile Home Millions 6 and its mobile home investing keynote speaker, Lonnie, Scruggs, visit the conference detail page online at Mobile Home Millions 6 – Learn How to Find and Invest in Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks.

About Mobile Home University: Mobile Home University is the leading online Web site for mobile home and mobile home park investor education. It provides investors with the hard-hitting advice and information they need to leverage in the mobile home industry. Mobile Home University presents a full range of teleseminars, boot camps and live events, including Mobile Home Millions, now in its sixth year. Visitors to MobileHomeUniversity.com may access free manufactured home articles, an active mobile home forum and a topical and timely blog. In addition, they may opt in to a free mobile home park investor’s e-zine.



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