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Warren Buffett: Tax Me More, Please!
The oracle is out banging the drum for higher taxes on the wealthy again, this time in an ABC interview expected to air on Nov. 28.
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Why Warren Buffett Hates Gold
NEW YORK (TheStreet) — Warren Buffett is an investing icon, and when he talks about the stock market, individual investors and Wall Street insiders alike take notice. But perhaps Buffett’s most controversial investment advice is on gold prices. Gold bullion, gold miners and gold ETFs simply have no place in Warren Buffett’s portfolio. And to hear Buffett tell it, gold should have no place in …

Buffett thanks “Uncle Sam” for big bailout payday
The peoples’ oligarch , Warren Buffett, just wrote a thank you letter to “Uncle Sam” published in the New York Times. It is the height of cynicism.
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Warren Buffett praises bailout efforts: report
Warren Buffett praised the U.S. government’s efforts to bail out the economy during the financial crisis two years ago, preventing an economic collapse.
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Warren Buffett’s Exquisite Timing, Part LXVI
Warren Buffett is a Great American, as some radio talk show hosts would say. And its more than fitting that Mr. Buffett receive a Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nations highest civilian honor. His philanthropy more than merits the hardware.
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Warren Buffett lauds ‘Uncle Sam’ for stopping economic meltdown
Warren Buffett, who is perennially named one of the wealthiest men in the world, weighs in on the government’s intervention in last year’s economic …
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Goldman’s plan to repay Berkshire delayed: report
NEW YORK (Reuters) – Goldman Sachs Group has hit a snag in its efforts to win government approval to pay back a $ 5 billion investment from Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc, the Wall Street…
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Reuters on Why Buffett Picked Combs; Top 3Q10 Holdings: USB, MA, RNR, CB, WU, STWD
By guruek. With all his money and influence, Warren Buffett can surely make one famous overnight, as he just did to the 39-year-old hedge fund manager Todd Combs. He picked Mr. Combs to manage a significant portion of Berkshire Hathaway’s stock portfolio. Instantly, there are people call Combs to be Buffett’s “heir” or “successor”. Read more » »
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Here Are The Last Stocks Warren Buffett Protege Todd Combs’ Traded At Castle Point
Todd Combs, Warren Buffett’s new protege, is in the process of winding down Castle Point Capital, the hedge fund he ran for years out his Greenwich, CT office.
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Who is this Todd Combs, anyway?
Warren Buffett’s selection of little-known Greenwich hedge-fund manager Todd Combs to help oversee investments at Berkshire Hathaway Inc. shows how the billionaire values limiting losses when markets decline.
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Buffett’s LBO Criticism Has `Agenda,’ Blackstone’s Blitzer Says
Billionaire investor Warren Buffett ’s criticism of leveraged buyout firms helps his “agenda” as a rival of those companies, Blackstone Group LP senior managing director David Blitzer said.
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Warren Buffett gets a pass on .86 billion loss
David Roeder: Warren Buffett personifies long-term and careful investing, but does he play fast and loose with his accounting? It’s a question that got limited attention over the last couple of weeks as the news was devoted to the election buildup, a jump in stock prices and the Federal Reserve ‘s latest attempt to crank open the money spigot. But it’s a development that ought to concern every …
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Why Are the SEC and Warren Buffett Arguing Over 4,490?
The SEC and Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway got into an odd tiff over how the company should disclose about $ 344,000 in home security expenses for Buffett, one of America’s most visible CEOs.
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Warren Buffett’s co says 3Q net income falls on big swing in derivatives value, but BNSF gains
OMAHA, Neb. – Warren Buffett’s company posted an 8 percent drop in third-quarter net income as the value of its derivatives portfolio fell sharply, but BNSF railroad and Berkshire Hathaway’s many other operating companies performed well.
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