Stock Market Investing – 3 Financial Statements Warren Buffett Sees Before Investing Understanding financial statements can be rather complex if you do not have much accounting knowledge. What are annual reports? What are Balance Sheets? What are Cashflow statements? Before investing in any company, you need to have your own analysis of financial statements. Do you understand what the numbers are telling you?
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Is Capstone Turbine a Buffett Stock?

Is Capstone Turbine a Buffett Stock?
Let’s find out.
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Buffett lunch tops record bid
OMAHA, Neb. #8212; An anonymous bidder agreed Friday to pay more than $ 2.6 million for a lunch with billionaire investor Warren Buffett, offering a final amount after the auction closed that topped last year’s record-setting bid for the most expensive charity item ever sold on eBay.
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Best 10 tips for stock investment

1. A mind free shares: shares a lot of people handle every day, every day would like to share, do post every day, and I found that Buffett’s approach is completely different: do not look to see the company stock, do not want the price to value, not to make speculative investments . With many people’s eyes compared to only stock prices, Buffett did not stock, but as investment shares into business as a real investment: “You do not buy the stock, but the company.”Stock Market Today – Stock Quotes | Market Watch | Financial News

2. Safety First: Many people ask for money to life, in order to make money rather the huge investment, Buffett has stressed safety first, money second, losing money may be small, the possibility of large profits only when the shot. Buffett said: “The margin of safety is the cornerstone of investment success.” The margin of safety often appear in the stock market crash, good company when the stock price plunged. Most people like to chase sell, Warren Buffett on the contrary, abandoned as I get, people take me for.

3. Stock picking as election Wife: A lot of people picking is very frivolous, frequent conversion, Buffett irony for the stock market, “one-night stand”, he was selected stock picking as his wife: “We are looking for investment targets in the attitude and look for life partner exactly the same attitude. “I be summarized in three points: the attitude of caution and strict standards, very little amount.

4. To know ourselves: to know ourselves and be victorious. Warren Buffett minimal loss of stock selection, one important reason is that he only vote for those who own very familiar, very familiar, very sure of outstanding shares. He repeatedly stressed that the first principle of investment is the ability to circle principle: “capacity ring size is not important, the ability to know their boundaries is critical circle.” I’m picking it summed up three major precepts: can not choose, unfamiliar not vote, do not understand not vote.

5. First-class business: Buffett said: “We insist on looking for business-class company.” While ordinary investors to determine whether the business class is the simplest and most effective way to grasp the core of the key points: the brand. Best reflects the core business is first class brand, and first-class brand must have three elements: the famous, old, big.Stock Market Today – Stock Quotes | Market Watch | Financial News

6. Top management: Warren Buffett’s company to find not only a first-class business, but also have first-class management. He told us: “the acquisition of companies and buy shares, we want to buy the target company not only good business, but also have extraordinary outstanding, smart and capable, the subject of the beloved manager.” Buffett is often just like the company’s managers bought the company’s stock. I will be required for managers Buffett summed up as both ability and integrity, especially in demanding ethical, honest, sincere, loyal, in fact, is what we often say “Three Masters”: telling the truth, do practical things the old , so honest.

7. First-class performance: Warren Buffett said: “I just like those proved to have the continued profitability of the enterprise.” Promote long-term stock price continued to rise, and eventually only one force: profitable growth. I found that drive prices in the process of performance and the launch vehicle to promote the satellite into space, the process is very similar. As a listed company’s share price satellite launch vehicle to promote its profitability like, but also can be divided into three levels, first level is the gross profit, net profit of the second level is the third level is retained earnings. Buffett’s first-class performance required to meet three criteria: high-margin, high ROE, high retained earnings stock conversion.

8. Value Assessment: Warren Buffett has a famous saying: “You pay the price, but you get value.” Key to value investing is what you get is far greater than the value of the price you pay. The biggest difficulty is that value investing, the price is clear, but the value is very clear, only about the assessment themselves. The main valuation methods are generally based on three areas: asset value, profitability, cash flow. Buffett believes that free cash flow for valuation according to the most correct way.

9. Focus on investment: a very popular investment approach is to spread investments, do not put your eggs in one basket, but buy a lot of stocks, each stock to buy only a little, this seems more robust, making money is even greater. Buffett opposes diversification, advocates focus on investment: “Do not put all your eggs in one basket, this approach is wrong, the investment should be like Mark Twain suggested, put all your eggs in one basket years, and then watch that basket. “” Our investment concentrated in only a few outstanding companies who, we are focused investors. “I think it is similar to Buffett’s investment principles focus on the military principle of concentration of forces, popular that is to bet big to win big, but it requires three conditions: win big need great wisdom, great gambling need to Dayong, Dacheng need a big bear.

10. Long-term investment: Warren Buffett joked that his head with the butt earn money more than, in fact, better than anyone else because he could get is maintained: “My favorite time of holding a stock is: never . “long-held, easy to say, it is hard. Buffett was able to sum up my long-held stock is years or even decades is the secret of three heart: the determination not to sell dead; confidence, not to sell more profitable; perseverance, ups and downs do not sell. But need to note is that Buffett does not sell long-held and has been only a very small number of stocks, Buffett will also hold a lot of stock after a few years time to sell. – Stock Quotes | Market Watch | Financial News

Article from – Invest like this yourself by reading the book – http Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger are two of the greatest investors of all time. Thousands of people go to Omaha every year just to hear a few minutes of their investment advice. What is most interesting is that their advice typically goes against the “mainstream”. The mainstream would like you to think that successful investing is an extremely complicated matter that requires the understanding of complex mathematical formulas. However, this is NOT the way that Buffett made his billions.
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It’s time to get out of the stock market, analyst says

It’s time to get out of the stock market, analyst says
Charles Ortel is a managing director of research firm Newport Value Partners. Previously he was a managing director of Dillon Read, followed by stints at The Bridgeford Group and The Chart Group. This is Part 1 of the interview. Part 2 will be published May 2.
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Live From Omaha: The Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting
Join Fool advisors and analysts as we live-blog from the annual “Woodstock for Capitalists.”
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Many Questions Surround Sokol’s Downfall
David L. Sokol was treated like a rock star at last year’s annual meeting of Berkshire Hathaway, the conglomerate run by Warren E. Buffett. Shareholders lined up for autographs and snapshots of the executive considered by many to be Buffett’s successor.
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The Best Stock Market Advice I Know: Get Ahead of the Business Cycle

The timing isn’t quite right yet, but, in the not-too-distant future, there should be a reacceleration of U.S.-listed Chinese stocks. If you’ve been a speculator in these stocks, you’ll know that it’s been tough going. The entire group has been suffering from a lack of investor confidence and a lot of this sentiment is warranted. There remain, however, many very good companies out there whose stock prices have fallen along with the group and that are now excellent values in my view. I think we’re very close to achieving extreme pricing (on the downside) with many of these stocks and speculators should be putting a number of these stocks on their radar screens.

If you watch the stock market long enough, you’ll know that certain sectors experience waves of enthusiasm from investors. It’s like the latest trend in the fashion industry, only the business cycle in stocks changes extremely fast. One year, the darling of the market is solar energy stocks. The next year, silver stocks are soaring. The whole system in my view is about perpetual rolling interest from investors on the Street and getting ahead of these trends is the single most important contributor to making big money in the stock market. It’s not even about owning the right individual stocks at the right time; it’s about owning the right sector. Share prices move in groups and Wall Street takes no prisoners. The stock market isn’t a perfect system and valuations are always relative, but with so many participants on the long and short sides of the marketplace, prices are never true for long.

Stock picking has always been and always will be a difficult endeavor to get right on a consistent basis. Even in a bull market, it’s difficult to make money as a speculator, because sentiment changes so quickly and so do stock prices. One unfulfilled expectation and a stock’s price can be cut in half—in a matter of minutes! If stock picking were easy, there would be a lot more retired stock traders living on your street. Even Wall Street pros don’t last in the game for very long. Most investment banks make a lot more money selling you advice than trading stocks for themselves.

The one thing I’ve learned over the years is never to fight the market. The action is the action. It might not be rational; it might not even be fair. But the stock market is a system that is based on fear and greed, and emotions have more to do with prices than anything else. A big investor like Warren Buffett worries almost solely about valuation, because he is buying an entire company’s cash flow, not just a share. For equity investors (speculators more appropriately), a stock’s valuation is more about perception than anything. Understanding the market’s prevailing psychology usually wins out over the most stringent of analyses.

Right now, there are several sectors in the equity universe that are not participating in the current rally. If you’re a buy-low/sell-high kind of speculator, now is the time to be looking seriously. Here’s what my favorite stock picker likes to do (Jim Rogers); he waits for securities to achieve price extremes, then he makes his bets.
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Mitchell is a Senior Editor at Lombardi Financial specializing in small-cap stocks. He’s the editor of a variety of popular Lombardi Financial newsletters, such as Penny Stock Reporter, Micro-Cap Stocks, and Monster Profits.

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Berkshire star and Buffett heir resigns after stock purchase

Berkshire star and Buffett heir resigns after stock purchase
One of Warren Buffett’s favoured lieutenants, who was seen as his leading heir apparent, resigned after buying shares in a company he then repeatedly pushed Mr. Buffett to acquire
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Sokol affair casts shadow on Buffett
Revelation that his heir apparent David Sokol owned shares of a company that he persuaded Warren Buffett to buy has created a headache for the Oracle of Omaha.
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How to make money in stock market like Warren Buffett

My name is Anthony Green and what I am about to share with you is a real life story.


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Yes I want to buy your ebook


Click here to know more about my trading method

My name is Anthony Green and I am a Day Trader. I along with my small team make an average of 3,846.17 each and every week by trading on the stock market

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More Warren Buffett Articles Makes Tools of Fundamental Stock Analysis Accessible to Long-Term Investors Makes Tools of Fundamental Stock Analysis Accessible to Long-Term Investors

Redwood City, CA (PRWEB) September 21, 2010, a web site for long-term stock investors, today announced that it has opened a preview beta version to the public. StockPup provides fundamental stock analysis tools to individual investors who follow the long-term investing philosophies of Warren Buffet, Benjamin Graham, and David Dodd. By making it easy to access tools previously available only to professional analysts, StockPup seeks to empower individual investors to make informed investment decisions based on objective financial data.

“While millions of investors are interested in Buffett-style long-term investing, most individuals do not have the tools and data to analyze stocks in the same way,” says Serge Bert, founder of “Our web site takes care of collecting and analyzing financial data, so that investors can gain deeper understanding of stocks they invest in.”

StockPup collects balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow data covering up to 20 years of financial history from documents and XBRL data filed by public companies with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The site uses this information to provide decision making tools that are popular among long-term investors: calculations of returns on equity and assets, trends in long-term shareholder wealth, measures of balance sheet risk, etc. Armed with these analytical tools, investors can avoid market speculation, and instead focus on identifying low-priced stocks of companies with favorable business fundamentals.

The long-term value investing approach was first formulated by Graham and Dodd in their classic texts “The Intelligent Investor” and “Security Analysis.” Although this approach to investing had originated in lessons learned during the Great Depression, its followers, including Warren Buffett, have generated superior returns during periods of both economic prosperity and recession, consistently outperforming the market.



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Discover Newly Released Stock Software That Turns Your Computer Into A Powerful Investment Tool

Discover Newly Released Stock Software That Turns Your Computer Into A Powerful Investment Tool

Stock software that finds stocks using Warren Buffett’s proven strategies

(PRWEB) October 22, 2010

Aptus Communications announced today that it has released the newest version of its powerful, easy-to-use investment software.

Building on six years of profitable value investing algorithms, the Value Stock Selector investment software automatically researches over 9400 companies by looking at elements that are critically important for success in the stock market.

“This stock software analyzes the most important aspects of a company’s income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement to provide you with exact ratings and buy and sell recommendations for over 9400 stocks,” said Thea Hing, Marketing Manager at Aptus Communications Inc.

The safest way to build wealth is investing in value slowly over time, because value investing is the only investment strategy that has risk-minimization built in at every step. That’s why value investing legends such as Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham and Charlie Munger endure year after year.

“Value Stock Selector allows you to tilt the odds of success in your favour with one click of a button,” Hing said, “It retrieves all of its data automatically over the Internet and performs a comprehensive series of calculations behind the scenes so you don’t have to.”

There’s a wealth of information in company annual reports, and Value Stock Selector can quickly and easily mine that data to find stocks with hidden value while avoiding high-flying speculative issues.

“Our goal is to cut through all of the hype and misinformation and provide the most comprehensive, easiest to use and effective methods that will produce healthy returns with a minimum of risk,” said Hing.

For more information about the easy-to-use stock software, please visit the Value Investment Software site at


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