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Warren Buffett proposes

Warren Buffett proposes to NYU Stern MBA student
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Cool Warren Buffett images

A few nice Warren Buffett images I found:

BNSF manifest rolls southward into Saginaw Yard, Saginaw TX

Image by roy.luck
BNSF’s corporate HQ are located just 2 miles east of here. BNSF Railways, the product of a 1996 merger between Burlington Northern and Santa Fe, are owned 100% by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway holding company. Sepia-tone image.

Streamlining the process – Warren Buffett’s Secret “Value” Formula – A response to MrAlanKendall

Just a short video on how you can write your own application in order to find good value stocks using Warren Buffett’s Value Formula. Reduces the manual labor and actually applies the formula for you by parsing online stock data and returning useful results for you to analyze later on.
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Warren Buffett – (1/10) – MBA Talk

*** COMMERCIAL: Let others work for you: bit.ly *** Warren Buffet talks to MBA students at The University of Florida in 1998
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Street Fighting Moves Interviews – Michael Warren on 3 Secrets to Overcome Fear of Street-Fighting

Charles – In this article, I have an expert combat instructor who’s going to explain for us a very important topic that most people who are not used to combat need to overcome, and that’s the fear of fighting.  So, Michael is going to help us out, and give us 3 of his secrets to overcome the fear of fighting.  How are you doing this evening, Mike?

Warren – Pretty good, and ready to give everyone these 3 key secrets to help make themselves much more prepared for an altercations that they may come across out on the street.

Charles – Okay, let’s just rock and roll, and get right down to it.  Give us, one-by-one, the 3 secrets to overcome the fear of fighting.

Warren – Certainly,

The First Key Secret – Study A Defensive System (A System of Fighting) - Actually getting out and studying, whether you pick up a book, walk into a dojo, go into a personal self-protective seminar.  Finding out information about what a fight is and how you can better prepare yourself for it, you will instantly start to address your first fear which is the unknown.  Find out what a fight is. 

Charles – Okay, and number 2?

Warren – Okay,

Number Two – Actually Train - Find a method of addressing those key things that you found that you find frightening out in a fight.  This involves a method of training, and actually applying some of these theories with a partner, with yourself if you have to, visualization, and get over that initial feeling of getting hit.  Find out that it is not as necessarily as bad as you think, and as long as you keep you head on your shoulders, you can generally overcome that.  Get out there and try it. 

Charles – Okay, and what would be the third secret to overcome the fear of fighting?

Warren – Okay,

The Third Secret – Acknowledge That There Will Always Be Fear When Fighting Is Involved - But look at it from a medical standpoint.  That’s actually critical to your survival.  Having a sense of fear means you are going to have heightened senses of awareness.  Your body is going to be less receptive to actual pain, and your strength is going to be improved as you enter a fight or flight syndrome.  Actually, you want to have a little bit of fear.  That means you’re e not going around believing you are invincible.  And you’ll probably approach things with a realistic manner instead of trying to do some of the things you may see in some of the movies nowadays. 

Charles – (Laughter.)

Warren – So, having a little bit of fear and recognizing that, and that’s it’s okay, and that everyone fearful, even on the battlefield – is the third secret to overcoming fear is to recognize you have it.  Or as John Wayne said, “Real courage is being scared to hell, and saddling up anyway, Pilgrim.”

Charles – (Laughter.)  I like that.  Well that’s really clear, and we thank you so much for these three secrets.  And until the next time.

Warren – Until then.

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Warren Buffett – Success principles

www.mycomeup.com – Warren Buffett secret to success
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Warren Buffett's Dirty Secret - Investor or Criminal ? Leave Comment Pls

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Warren Buffett- Word From Omaha

Is Traffic Reloaded Scam? Warren Shaw and Nick X Scam Review

Is Traffic Reloaded Scam? Warren Shaw and Nick X Scam Review

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Warren Buffett – Schwarzenegger & Warren Buffet Discuss The Economy At The 2008 Women’s Conference

Warren Buffett – Schwarzenegger & Warren Buffet Discuss The Economy At The 2008 Women’s Conference

from Schwarzenegger & Warren Buffet Discuss The Economy At The 2008 Women’s Conference – Single

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Taxi Driver, is the richer than Warren Buffett!

A Taxi Driver (Jimmie Price) explains to Jamie Johnson (Documentary Filmmaker and Heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune) why he is the richest man in the world. Nicole Buffett, Warren Buffett’s Granddaughter, explains how money has gotten in the way of her family’s happiness. *I do not own the rights to the film and am not affiliated in anyway with: _The One Percent_. Dir. Jamie Johnson. Wise & Good Film, 2006. www.imdb.com