An Hour with Warren Buffett | Charlie Rose

Warren Buffett discusses his New York Times Op-Ed piece ‘Stop Coddling the Super-Rich’ which calls on Congress to increase taxes on the Super-Rich like himself. SUBSCRIBE to get the latest…
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25 thoughts on “An Hour with Warren Buffett | Charlie Rose

  1. Buffet has a degree of wealth that 99.9999% of humans will never know. If
    he wants the government to target him it will have no impact whatsoever.
    Its not enough money to rescue a government that spends money like drunken
    sailors on liberty. If he wants to suggest that other wealthy people
    (income in excess of $1m) should pay more, then I would argue that he is a
    ridiculous hypocrite to argue this. If he paid taxes at the rate of 80% he
    would still be one of the richest men in the world, by a wide margin. It
    is fairly disgraceful for him to get on his soapbox and lecture people who
    make $1m per year. He has no moral authority nor does he have any real
    perspective that is beneficial. What is especially disgusting is his
    lobbying to increase taxes on capital gains and dividends. WHy should
    people pay more taxes on income they are deriving from invested monies they
    have already been taxed on? Lets talk about this for a minute. I pay
    taxes on my income and that is a significant %, approximately 30%. I save
    some of it because that is a priority for me, to save. I take that savings
    and I invest it. So if I earn money on that I should continue to be taxed
    on the same money over and over and over and over again. That kind of
    logic is totally indefensible and it discourages saving and investment.
    What Buffet is really saying is we should tax wealth (savings) like we do
    income from a job. That is ridiculous. If I work my whole life and I buy
    a house I did so with monies that I was taxed on at the time it was
    earned. So now I should pay tax on that home if it increases in value to
    the tune of 30%? That is what many liberals are suggesting and its
    disgusting. That is the only way to describe it. The truth is its just
    envy plain and simple. They cannot stand the fact that some are
    disciplined and manage to save and invest some of their earnings. The
    government does not have the right to tax every dollar ten times. It
    should be able to manage the government and provide basic services without
    fleecing the people.?

  2. Charlie Rose ….. Would very much like to see you pick up this
    conversation with Mr. Buffett for his views now compared to those at the
    time of this interview. My associates (2) and I have been trying to get
    funding for a very major Ag Project for past 2 years with little success
    (and it is not because the Project is not worthy of funding; with the new
    Technologies and complete self-sustainability of it, not to mention
    expansive Humanitarian aspects of it the Project is more common sense than
    anything); so how do unknown entrepreneur’s that have invested everything
    they have to this get some face time with people that are wise enough to
    listen, evaluate, consider and make decisions because most Investor types,
    VC’s and Angels either are not smart enough to evaluate the whole of a
    Project or know enough to see overall valuation??? Of the 6 major
    components of this Ag Project everyone is a profit center and each will
    support itself or another component depending on the commodity markets at
    any time.?

  3. Buffett is just an eccentric old man, not full of himself but a little bit
    weird…he has so much LUCK that he is so rich BUT we must admit that he is
    right on so many things!!!?

  4. 8:30 +GnosticMedia people like warren buffet upset w/ how gov works. you
    should touch on this! :D?

  5. dividend is disbursed after corporate tax deduction. therefore, there is
    double tax on dividend (corporate + personal income tax) and not only
    personal income tax – what buffet is saying is wrong as dividend is
    disbursed to shareholders (who already have paid corporate tax on profit
    before getting dividend)?

  6. The only good thing government can do is get the hell out of the way. The
    free market didn’t cause the 2008 financial crisis, the government
    guarantee of toxic debt did. That’s what most people don’t understand.
    What happened in 2008 couldn’t have happened in a truly free unregulated
    market because banks never would have assumed the bad loans they did. They
    knew the mortgage and credit card debt was never going to be paid back but
    they did it anyway because the federal government guaranteed the loans with
    taxpayer money. The federal government caused the financial crisis, end of
    story. ?

  7. I am not American but I have huge respect for this honest man, who also is
    much more optimistic than so many highly negative Americans back in 2011
    (now it’s even worse).

    He shows with very good arguments that America still has a lot of resources
    if only they would activate them, and that things are not as black as some
    economic forces in America want them to be (because they make money on
    catastrophic news).

    And I really want to see the celebrity in Germany, my own country, who
    would have the honesty, the smart and the gall to tell the government,
    please, I am a super-rich, I think you should tax much more the people like
    me and my friends, the top 3% of the population, and leave alone the mass
    of 99.7%.

    I had to sell our family property because the German government taxes to
    death the middle class, inheritance tax, property tax, income tax, and
    luxury tax accumulated—and that was the beginning of the end not only of
    Germany but in my view also of the Euro-Zone. America is still a lot
    smarter than those mechanistic decision makers in the EU!

    My mother paid 51% tax every year to the German government for 35 years for
    our little family business with four shops and two apartments rented out!
    And nobody in America seems to know that and complain that they pay about
    20% of taxes in California and even less in Nevada.

    I can’t understand that. America is a very liberal economy. Germany is a
    killer economy for the middle class and supports only the multinationals
    and conglomerates. Germany is the black ghost behind the total failure of
    the Euro Zone which is one of the most infamous collective betrayals in
    human financial and political history!?

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  9. The poor dont pay? Ya they do, my cousin is in college and works at fast
    food flipping burgers and is poor and he pays taxes?

  10. Good for you and Bill G. Warren. To add to WB ‘s plan how a bout zero
    income taxes for those earning less than $60k a year?….pipe dream I’m
    sure the bankers want all the money.?

  11. I realize the US has the highest corporate tax rates in the world so
    american companies move to slave labor countries to improve corporate
    profits and avoid US taxes which leaves americans on the hook to pay off
    the national debt which is over 17 trillion dollars. The american dream is
    over and US companies will always take advantage of slave labor to increase
    corporate profits. And since US politicians are in the pockets of special
    interest groups and coporations, american will always get fu_ked.?

  12. Any gazillionaire that thinks paying a few % more in tax while poor people
    are dying for the country is just begging to be the first victims of a
    Jacobin revolution. There is only so much bullshit the people can take.
    Good on Buffett for being one of the few willing to do the right thing.
    I can’t believe that employee heavy companies pay comparatively high rates
    and bankers pay low ones. That’s just plain immoral and imbecilic.?

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