25 thoughts to “Buffett & Gates on Success”

  1. I’m gonna clip out both of these ass clowns obituaries, glue them to the
    bottom of my sneakers, and dance around a campfire on the beach under a
    full moon. All the money in the world won’t buy you another breath when
    your time is up.

    Let death be your counsel….not these sell outs.?

  2. If only more of the rich believed in noblesse oblige’. Some of the ultra
    rich believe in the free market ideology (handouts make people lazy) so
    much that they concur that charity is wrong. Fuck those guys. Bill and
    Warren are a great example to the rich. Give to your society to make your
    society better. Don ‘t just hope that it will all get better by some
    random, discredited economic happenstance.?

  3. its funny to see the ”wannabees” rich in the audience all well dressed
    slick hair and everything and the 2 guys speaking in front 2 of the richest
    people in the world all dressed avery simple and casual. Theres a lesson
    there to learn.?

  4. Those two do not truly know why they are rich …. or they are just being

    Rationality? Habit? Hard Work?
    I know so many rational, disciplined, hard working people that never get
    rich. NEVER!

    Actually, 90% of the population have only about 8% of the wealth?
    Are they all stupid, undisciplined, lazy people??

  5. All of these so called “intelligent people” and no one was able to think to
    get these guys some chairs? Are tables more ergonomic for sitting? Have I
    been doing it wrong my whole life??

  6. Warren Buffet is a malignant pig. “you should be happy with the job you’ve
    got.” This coming from the man who just shut down the Heinz plant in
    Leamington Ontario, sending a thousand people (who were happy with their
    jobs) to the unemployment line. His reasoning, given in Detroit, was that
    the plant wasn’t “as” profitable as some of the others. Never mind the one
    hundred year history of Heinz in Leamington and the damage to the entire
    local economy caused by his trying to squeeze every dime of profit out of
    his venture. Behind the avuncular demeanour is the heart of a money
    grubbing prick who would sell out his own grandmother to make an extra
    buck. You don’t become the(pick which one, first, second, third richest man
    on the planet) by having a sense of loyalty to the average man and woman. I
    sincerely hope he comes for a visit this way sometime soon. ?

  7. Half the people who click on this video are looking for a get rich quick
    lottery ticket in idealogy from them. You want to get rich? get logical,
    emotional and physical. Creativity combined with rationality armors the car
    to drive.?

  8. I can’t help but think how stupid both of these men are while watching
    them. Is it just me?
    So much money, and they still have this worker/consumer/slave mentality.
    That’s new money for you.?

  9. I like money , I like to share it with others that I like and I like the
    stuff you can buy with it and the experiences you can have in life by being
    able to afford the things it allows you to do with it but you must watch
    her closely . She is a seductive siren . I’ll make my example . I have an
    uncle who lived the mission . He ate , slept and breathed the mission .
    Success became paramount. He sacrificed everything for the business. The
    almighty dollar became his mistress. On the day of his retirement ,
    actually on the day that the company asked him to leave because of his age
    , his wife died . He now is old and lives alone in two rooms of his mansion
    , unable to see because of a botched eye surgery and one of the most
    unhappiest individuals I know. My point is not to let time slip away and
    take the things that are truly important in life with it . Stop and smell
    the roses because they smell a hell of allot better than money . I did
    enjoy this video and like and admire both gentlemen , Buffet’s a real card
    and funny as hell. Bill is scary brilliant but just people…?

  10. Basically make a lot of investments,save, barely spend and by time your 80
    you’ll be worth millions(hopefully) then pass it to your kids, and every
    generation adds, that’s how you keep the money in the family, niggas we
    don’t like to save and we don’t teach the next upcoming generation anything
    that’s our problem?

  11. “It’s better to hang out with people better than you. Pick out associates
    whose behavior is better than yours and you’ll drift in that direction.” –
    Warren Buffett?

  12. Gates is an a-hole who uses his money to destroy public education by
    instituting unproven reforms and THEN doing the research that proves it
    worthless. And he keeps doing it. What does a college dropout who stole his
    way to the top know about education anyway? I wish he’d just keep his

  13. Please use some of your fortune to help develope poor African countries
    where starvation is a problem. Help them build their own future.?

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    what qualities to you strive for…get more out of your home
    entertainment…Make Reception?

  15. Bill makes some amazingly accurate and intelligent predictions about the
    future (today) in this discussion.?

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