Investor, Industrialist, Philanthropist: Warren Buffett

One of the most famous men a person would definitely become interested in is Warren Buffett, and there’s no doubt about that declaration. Known for his great accomplishments in the field of business world especially when it comes to investments, he easily snuggled his way into the top three richest people in the world, and ranking second in Forbes’ list of wealthiest persons next to Bill Gates. Sure enough, his accomplishments are more than just accomplished, but also appreciated.

Born on August 30, 1920 in Omaha Nebraska, USA, Warren Edward Buffett is the second and only son out of three children of the businessman and politician Howard Buffett and wife Leila. When his father was elected in the United States Congress, his family moved to Washington DC, where he finished elementary until high school. His senior yearbook picture already gave away what he would become in the future: “likes math; a future stock broker”, due to his keen interest in saving and making money.

Even in his childhood, Warren Buffett already expressed his interest in business, especially when it comes to investing. At eleven, he brought three shares from Cities Service, and invested in a business owned by his father in high school, having him accumulate about ninety thousand dollars savings by the time he finished his bachelors degree in college.

But even as an accomplished investor and a billionaire to boot along with his prestigious rank in the list of wealthy people, Warren Buffett made sure that he will still keep his feet on the ground. In fact, as a Philanthropist, he allotted 99 percent of his earnings to charity funds, particularly the Gates Foundation. He also made sure to keep being frugal despite the overwhelming wealth he receives and produces in his business. In 2008, he dropped his Forbes top one wealthiest man in the world position after donating almost half of his funds to charity, placing him second next to Bill Gates by a few points.

All his accomplishments as a good businessman were, and up to present still being recognized by everyone around the world. He offers his fair share of advices to the government in an effort to help the economy. He also serves as a good inspiration to people all over the world, as he often appears in many newspapers and journals related to business. As of 2008, his name also appeared in several best selling books, quoting him as a role model for businessmen and investors.

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