New Charter Business Takes Off

(PRWEB) July 1, 2009

The explosion of the Internet has led to immense developments in nearly every industry, especially aviation. From thousands of aviation forums, online transponder tracking, online flight bookings, and so much more.

A new business has been launched this week that seeks to do for private aviation what Expedia has done for commercial travel. is a website that allows users to request quotes for charter flights, then sources the best rates from hundreds of qualified aircraft partners. All aircraft partners must meet rigorous safety requirements, including and exceeding all ARG/US safety standards and comprehensive pilot and crew background checks.

Once a flight has been sourced and booked, Listjet does not stop until every detail is perfect for your flight. Listjet has enlisted the services of Bruce Greenberg, a hospitality expert with years of experience in the luxury hotel business to help meet the needs of every guest. Each charter is assigned a “Flight Liaison” who ensures all needs are met and exceeded; from your choice of catering to hiring flight attendants with nursing experience for ill travelers, the sky is the limit.

Shail Silver, an enthusiast of aviation and business, founded earlier this year. Silver, like most web based business owners, is a young entrepreneur who has a deep passion for aviation and saw a need for his service. A resident of Toronto, Canada, he received his private pilot’s license at the age of 20 and has been active in the industry since. Silver says, “There has been a disconnect between online business and excellent customer service, Listjet aims to bridge this divide with our hands on approach to jet charters”.

Listjet enables customers to charter a private jet with the reliability, safety, convenience and privacy that is said to exceed all expectations of executive travel. Chartering a jet enables customers to travel on their own schedule and to several secluded destinations many air carriers cannot reach. Traveling with your own schedule and needs in mind, 24 hour 7 days a week aircraft booking and availability, avoiding flight delays, membership fees, maintenance fees, and other airline and private ownership hassles encompass some of the benefits of chartering a private jet with Listjet.

The beginning of 2009 presented one of the worst economic storms to hit the aviation industry. Aircraft deliveries and flight hours are down, layoffs are up and rising, everyone in the industry is feeling the pinch. The NBAA (National Business Aviation Association) says its the worst is over. Brian Foley, a highly respected analyst of the aviation business, says, “more bad times ahead, its a mountain to climb”. The private charter business caters to the wealthiest citizens across the globe, its no wonder that when markets are down worldwide, the global elite have closed their pocketbooks. In private aviation there are slumping aircraft production rates, even with European use growing. Many of the top business managers in the world, including billionaire’s Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, argue that private jet travel is the “cost of doing more efficient business.” The NBAA has predicted that the Charter and FBO business will rebound soonest, as a recovery has already begun in the early part of the second quarter of 2009.

Listjet is in the forefront of web based personal service and has an infrastructure built for rapid growth. It will be interesting to see if this new economy is ready for Listjet to take off.



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