25 thoughts to “Peter Buffett (Warren Buffett’s Son) Talks To TYT”

  1. Peter Buffet is fabulating a hero-story about his father, PERIOD. Of course they got the money, come on!? 😉 His not trustworthy for a second. By looking at his mimics and the way of talking, the deception is OBVIOUS!!! He’s bathing in his father’s money, hahahahahaha

  2. It’s quite ironic how you claim that your father didn’t give you money or rescue and bail you out. But Warren was bailed out by his parents, the government.

  3. yea your right, your father shouldn’t give you his money. He should blindly give it away to our corrupt ass government and he should get bailed out accordingly so the government can save their investments. Your father gave you and his other children millions. Stop sounding so diplomatic

  4. The subtitles are terrible and completely incorrect. I love this video though, Warren Buffett is my god.

  5. I dont know why people believe that things will make a kid act good or bad.. I have seen wonderful kids that did not have much and horrible kids that dont have much.. Its just the parents if the parent is a dick then the kids are going to be and no amount of money or things or the lack of can change that.. I went to school with this guy that had every thing you can think of and he was nicer to me than my own family.. Its not the money its the people rich and poor that make too much of it.

  6. We all make too much about money when there is plenty to go around… Money is just a mind set.hey Warren had his fun with money and he wants to give let him give.. Now I’m building my wealth for my family and if they choose to give they can but most of it is for them.. Money is not a cure all to anything and spoiling your kids or not spoiling does not make them any better or worse. I know good and bad rich kids that get everything they want.

  7. Spare Me
    Warrens WIFE died leaving these kids a whole lot of money and property
    San Francisco Real Estate aint cheap
    The Buffetts kids arent hurting and never will

  8. I think it’s so good that this man is not spoiled to only riches and knows about lifes lessons. Also it’s great that he is not into all of his Dad’s money. I am shocked that someone like this has turned out to be a humble human being. What a Blessing. God Bless him and his family! Awesome!

  9. Nice interview. Funny story. Hahaha! 😀
    There is certainly WAY more people who got spoiled through TOO MUCH money
    than there is who got spoiled through a chance to make their own!

  10. That was a great interview with Peter. Thanks for sharing it. I will add it to Peters World United Music BIO, and also the the World United News.


  11. @colombiacrack88 I understand where you’re coming from, and I partially agree. If you want to better understand Bill Gates and Warren Buffett’s perspective, I suggest you read their 12 page inspiration: “Andrew Carnegie’s – The Gospel of Wealth”. As you know, Carnegie was also at one time the richest man in the world. Very good reading, even if you might disagree with it.

  12. @colombiacrack88 Are you nuts…the guy is going to keep a billion dollars. No one in his family will starve.

    Also, Buffet still lives in the same house he bought 50 years ago, he doesn’t have “maids” in the sense that you imply. I know plenty of wealthy people who provide everything for their kids, but demand a solid work ethic and attitude…enter Buffet.

  13. @Pglarsen lmaoo does it matter if i am or not? Money should stay in the family at least some of it gosh i would cry everyday having my poor child go close to debt while i am surrounded by maids and living in huge mansions. I personally see something wrong in that Buffet is just a cheap asshole lol

  14. @ahmadclk oh, I was confused by your comment but now I see what happened. The title used to be different when I wrote the comment, now they changed it, thats why there’s barely any difference. Have a nice day fellow human ;).

  15. Hopefully those little shits from all those MTV shows (teen cribs, sweet 16) will watch this interview and feel some shame.

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