25 thoughts to “Secrets of Warren Buffett’s Investing Strategy – Stock Market Passive Income How to Tips”

  1. Catholicism and Islam is the same religion, they don´t pay taxes, however
    they want “others” to pay more taxes…?

  2. Gold is a hedge not an investment. Maybe by holding gold into tough times
    you can eventually buy the farm! It’s not that people want gold rather that
    people would rather have that as money than fiat paper!?

  3. Got to love the guy he is good at what he enjoys doing, watching him squint
    ever time the word ‘when’ is spoken reminds me of when the old folks
    getting they’re giggles, he loves the hunt. His personality rich. i have
    odd friends like him, they are my fav people to chill with. sadly its a
    small crowd.?

  4. Must read “GET RICH IN MARITIME SHIPPING STOCKS” by jerry henrie at amazon.
    Start small investing at the right time.?

  5. Thank you for the very valuable information. I listened very carefully to
    every word that was said in this interview.?

  6. I respect his strategy but he is strictly focused on US investing..I dont
    think Warren breadth includes the futures and commodities market which
    affects the whole world..He doesnt like gold because the dollar has always
    been strong.?

  7. dude id rather have the cube of gold you fool Exxon could go out of
    business tam marrow . but golds for ever baby. and really the basis for all
    monies when your fiat money goes out your left with gold and silver cause
    whod do fiat again after it became worthless one time on them.?

  8. LMAO people putting there bit in like Warren Buffet doesn’t know what he’s
    doing this guy is the Mr Midas I have nothing but max Respect for him and
    to make it better he’s genuinely a nice guy ?

  9. 3 whole hours of Buffet? As an investor, I couldn’t ask for more. Thank you
    Warren for being such a kind and charming guy.?

  10. Joe Kernen is very unprofessional being very rude to a very accomplished
    guest. It’s a miracle Warren tolerates this guy.?

  11. OMG: Mr. Warren Buffet was kind enough to share his financial widsom. It
    would have been nice to treat him with respect and not to be insulting to
    him periodically during the interview.?

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