The Mistake of Not Using The 3 Kings of Internet Marketing

You want to get on Page One Google and Page One Bing and Page One Yahoo – the three major search engines at this time……and most importantly, you want to have a site that converts your visitors to customers. Right?

You have a killer website, great content and precisely targeted SEO planning with implementation (I call these the 3 Kings) But are they enough? If you do it right, the 3 Kings will include results in converting your visitors to paying customers.

Your internet marketing, like your other sources of advertising, should pay for itself, otherwise, why do it?
Now I know companies like Geico who spend over 70% of their income on ads to build a brand…….they have unlimited sources and are trying to get a name in the market, not unlike CocaCola has done. (Interesting note is that both Geico and CocaCola are owned by Warren Buffett who said of Coke’s branding, “If you had a hundred million dollars to spend on ads, I don’t think you could match Coke’s market penetration”).

We’re not talking about brand building here……we’re talking about being first to the market and capturing the customers! The internet is different than the outside world of interruptive marketing (radio, tv, billboards, etc.) It is a marketplace of directness, one where people are already looking for very specific information, products, and services.

Done properly, your internet marketing approach will bring your company and products to those who are already looking. Your goal is to surface among those who looking for your type of product or service!

The goal is to get your consumer to land on your page and purchase your product or service. Getting consumers to engage your website is not a liability or expense but rather a necessity regardless of the method used to drive traffic.

Getting to the top of page one Google and the other major search engines for your product entails exact strategies, SEO work and Internet Marketing that should pay for itself.

You have all the bells and whistles and the sizzle, and now, at the end of the day, it is still all about the steak and how many orders you get, how many leads were generated and how many prospects are in the pipeline.

Sometimes we forget to look at the big picture of search and fully embrace “the marketing part” of Internet marketing that is supposed to generate a return on your investment.

Increasing traffic is important but fine tuning your approach to make it about increasing the conversion rate of the traffic you receive is ultimately what it’s about. Let’s be realistic, SEO delivers traffic but what good is it if they bounce or never get to your ordering page?

What about targeting “your best page”? Engagement matters and the notion of “your best page” is a perspective that is unique to everybody who visits your website. But the idea is, this elusive concept and it may impede you from viewing each page as its own best landing page by infusing it with something more than just traffic and attention.

Combine that with the fact that even “that attention” will change based on the variable of the visitors original intent and mood. Are they simply there to window shop or research or is buying the intent or their visit?

With the advent of analytics our websites are like having a live litmus test running in the background around the clock. To see which pages have the highest yield of visits, traffic and engagement is no marvel. It is available to everyone.

If sales from your site is your objective, it’s important that you understand that SEO is only one part of the equation. Traffic must convert or you should change the format of your value proposition and call to action so that it does.

People either approve of your content, layout and design and invest enough attention to contextually extract relevance from your web page or they don’t.

Depending on how well you implement “the total package” (clear conversion objective, clear benefit to them) can illustrate and provide a solution to their problem or manage to hit an emotional or trigger.

If you make that the priority, then no amount of SEO will ever matter because each visitor that lands on each page will have a higher rate of conversion which it the basis of return on investment.

Getting to the top of page one in Google and Bing is great, but just makes sure that you have done your homework about who your audience is and what expectations they have when it comes to what they get and what you give.

At the end of the day, SEO should pay for itself. If it does not, then perhaps you should think about the most cost-effective method to sell whatever type of information, product or service you offer so that it does.

Killer web design, relevant content and properly executed SEO Strategy, all work together as a whole. Bring the 3 Kings to your internet presence and make it all work for YOU. Miss one and you miss maximizing your ROI and conversions.

Getting your website to page one in google is entirely possible and maximizing conversion is too! Hang in there! Call on the pros when you need them.

Here’s to your success!

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Marty Collins, developed a proprietary web optimization system that maximizes web ranking and usability. He is an entrepreneur and owner of Page One Marketing and Consulting and PageOneGoogle.Org and PageOneBing.Com, in addition to several websites and related companies. He works one on one with companies to get to the top. Contact him at

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