25 thoughts to “Tour Warren Buffett’s office”

  1. This is one of the reason why I like Mark Cuban better, he has a lot more
    fun than Warren. But I can’t say much cause you never know if under that
    simple desk there’s a secret tunnel to a huge office underground with space
    ships, yacht, and special addition 1 of a kind Ferrari.?

  2. To everyone complaining why he doesn’t live lavishly that’s because it’s a
    part of his investment ideology. You can buy a sports car for $ 100,000,
    but that will just depreciate over time and get you basically nothing close
    to the original amount. Use that $ 100,000 to invest and you can double,
    triple, quatriple it. Then you have $ 300,000 you can again use it to buy
    some crap that will eventually be worth nada, or convert it to a few
    million. You don’t get rich by throwing money away.?

  3. Benjamin Graham was a scholar and financial analyst who mentored legendary
    investors such as Warren Buffett, William J. Ruane, Irving Kahn and Walter
    J. Schloss.

    Warren Buffett once wrote a lengthy article explaining how Graham’s
    principles are everlasting, and how Graham’s record of creating exceptional
    investors (such as Buffett himself) is unquestionable. The article is
    called “The Superinvestors of Graham-and-Doddsville”.

    Buffett describes Graham’s book – The Intelligent Investor – as “by far the
    best book about investing ever written” (in its preface, which Buffett
    wrote). In The Intelligent Investor, Graham recommended various categories
    of stocks and specified precise qualitative and quantitative rules for each

    Benjamin Graham is rightly considered the father of value investing. But
    the term “Value” is often misunderstood to refer to only quantity, and not
    quality. Most of Graham’s actual stock selection rules were concerned with
    the qualitative assessment of a stock.

    Buffett concluded “The Superinvestors of Graham-and-Doddsville” writing:
    “Ships will sail around the world but the Flat Earth Society will flourish.
    There will continue to be wide discrepancies between price and value in the
    marketplace, and those who read their Graham & Dodd will continue to

  4. WHAT THE FUCK!!!! He has a CRT TV!!! Get the hell out of here… 35billion
    dollars and you have a CRT!!! ?

  5. Warren Buffett just seems like a regular old man just living his life. Not
    like all of those egoistic billionaires who feel like they are better then
    everyone else. He’s richer then all them them too haha?

  6. warren buffett is my neighbor. He does not live in a mansion, he does not
    have expensive cars, he is such a nice man just living a normal and simple
    life in omaha ?

  7. This is a man who made fortunes and will give away most of it to help the
    world in some way after his death. Cant hate this man for having that crt.

  8. I find it so funny how one of the richest men in the world is so happy
    living such a simple life. A great day for him is to walk to work and go
    and get a burger at MicDonalds and walk home to his house which he has been
    in for 47 years and bought for $31,000. I think that is why he is so
    happy. ?

  9. Japan Company Handbook and a Gorats Steak House Gift Certificate on his
    desk…too funny….?

  10. I met him in person back in 94.. he was very charming.. down to earth..
    just an all around regular guy…?

  11. It’s such a crazy thing running into him everywhere. If you live in Omaha
    you’re bound to meet him at least once. He used to frequent a golf course I
    worked at for a while, he’s such a great person. ?

  12. 0:13 $10000?
    Who had the ability to risk this kind of savings back then (1956) for long
    term investment??

  13. Mr Buffet is a great man but perhaps he is too frugal ? Why would he still
    be watching tube-TV ? I think he might be a miser and hides it well.?

  14. In Buffett’s words ‘ independence’. It gives you the freedom to do what you
    want. He uses his money to wield influence. Thats greater than the material

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