25 thoughts to “Warren Buffett MBA Talk – Part 10”

  1. the first 2.5 minutes of this video are the most important 2.5 minutes we will probably ever hear regarding investments.

  2. He is so smart, if you find a year old Porsche 911 with 5k miles for $60,000 and new one let’s say sells for $105k, you would run to buy this car, you would drive it for 2 years and spend around $15k on insurance, gas, service, garage, etc… and sell it for $45k after 2 years. You would lose $30,000 with that car, half of what you invested, and you would still be happy because you think you got a good deal. But if I tell you that stock trades for half of its value, you would probably do nothing

  3. Warren Buffett is just an amazing person. I know NO other people that owe so much of what they have done to luck. Most successful people hate that luck is even a factor, they want it all to be their hard work.

    So much respect for Mr. Buffett

  4. I love listening to the wisdom of Warren Buffett. He reminds me of my conversations with my own father. I have a question to anyone out there. I am trying to help my Elementary Catholic school raise funds in order to update the school. I can afford to give a few thousand dollars, but I would like my donation to be used as ‘seed money’. . . .and would like to see it grow, Can anyone give any advice and/or suggestions. Thank you in advance

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  6. His hypothetical ‘genie’ situation is called Rawls’ Veil of Ignorance. Powerful thought tool. Look it up. This guy is amazing.

  7. For one of the richest men in the world he is so modest, down earth, funny imaginative and liberal. A truely amazing man

  8. Buffett donates millions to Planned Parenthood – largest U.S. abortion clinic that violently slaughters millions? of? babies

    Please boycott Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway

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  9. This portion has a portion of the “Ovarian Lottery” – wonderful way to imagine the design of your life and its place in context of 5.8 billion other people. LPH

  10. The average citizen reads one non-fiction book a year.Yet thousands would be happy to spend hundreds to be millionaires. The same millions don’t have a library card . They want to hear a ten minute video to create a better life. Our workshops start with the message – you can learn most anything if you will apply time and effort.

  11. I’m part of that 23% that watched all 10. I’m so happy there are 77% that didn’t! This will be good for my children and their future. Warren is a great man!

  12. Warren Buffet’s advice is all about What to do. What he doesn’t tell you, is How he does it. That’s the billion dollar question, and he won’t tell anybody.

  13. Pleased I’m one of the 23% who made it all the way to Part 10, and got to hear the best bit! I wouldn’t be swapping my ball given the chance!

  14. i am very lucky to own 158 class a shares and i am only 30 can’t wait to see what they will be worth in 30 more

  15. An amazing and highly inspirational man. I’d definitely recommend ‘The Snowball’ for a greater insite into this unique individual.

  16. People like to say this and that about Warren but only a wise listener will benefit from teachers of his magnitude

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