25 thoughts to “Warren Buffett MBA Talk – Part 8”

  1. Warren Buffett donates money to organizations that support the killing of millions of unborn & innocent babies – abortion mills.

    For photos of the babies, please? see?? type”abortionNo” into? your search engine & go to the first website that appears.? Check under subheading, “abortion video” under heading? ProLife Resources.

    Or, type abort73 into search engine.

    Website reveals the sheer brutality of abortion & the violence abortion imposes on the voiceless unborn children

  2. The most fundamental question of all: What is the underlying law of nature.

    As the way of all things, what effect do you suppose its question, knowledge, understanding and application by billions of persons would have on the state of global economics, science, the humanities, education, government and business?

  3. i love this man so much, my internet connection is dieng now because of the time, so i cant watch 7,8, 9 and 10 till tomorrow or late at night.
    But ive taken so much information in from him in such a short time it’s unbelievable and true. THANKS WARREN 😉

  4. do you have to sign on to etrade or sharebuiler to buy stock…how do you buy stock more than 1 stock

  5. The man is such a humble, folksy , intelligent gentleman. He just ozoses integrity and class. I can see why millions of people have trusted with him control there hard earned money. If more Wall Street Bankers and CEO’s were like him we would not be in the economic trouble were in today.

  6. The Avogadro constant (symbols: L, NA), also called Avogadro’s number, is the number of “elementary entities” (usually atoms or molecules) in one mole, that is (from the definition of the mole), the number of atoms in exactly 12 grams of carbon-12.[1][2] The 2006 CODATA recommended value is 6.02214179(30)×10²³ entities per mole… Altruistic philanthropic tax write off similar to Berkshire Hathaway Assurance (OMAHA) – conversely its PARTS PER NOAA subject to the nickname friend NOAH

  7. Wow, you need help. States started this war, and they had no choice, I mean look at your financial system. Its garbage.

  8. This man is a master at knowing the relevant and keeping to what he knows and leaving the tea leaf reading for others …


    I haven’t had a Coke or Coke product in years … but after listening to this, I almost *think* I want one. haha.

  9. like the Gillette reference – I live two minutes away from Gillette Corner in London where until recently they made the stuff.

  10. I can hardly believe what he said about Mexican Americans, quite surprising investing theory. Good guy though besides that

  11. I really like Waren Baffet. He is professional, he has a good sense of humor, and he is a good family man 🙂

    God Bless Him!

  12. Wow this is lib anti semite terrorist propoganda.We need 2 fight the iranins in iran so we dont have 2 fight thm hre.U libs need 2 b detaind untl ucan prove u r not a teorist.If any iraqi tries to take my FREEDOM Iwill blow up his cave cmd cntr.IranNchina hve been stckpling WMDs2 useaginst us an our Israeli friends in th form of a mushroom cloud in th global wr n terror.Whn th final nuclear bttle comes2our home streets we need world govt.+hive mind+every1 get microchip so prs bush cn kep us safe

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