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  1. A UofT Linear Algebra professor gave me one of the most important insight
    that I operate by. Read the source material or study the masters themselves
    and not just the students. So this insight lead me to study people like
    Warren Buffet who has done reasonably well in the field of investing.

  2. I agree too, I think he is a man who give hope to struggle, wake up, and
    find our way to deal with Finance.
    No matter how the future is, he is part of my heroes. I simply realise that
    at the same age, he was already ruling for the gold medal. Let’s see how we
    will compete ! He was already ahead but let’s see.
    He once said “When you want to really work for someone, just go for it” The
    thing is, I always wondered how I could present myself to a person who
    really is The Finance expert, with such a few experience on my side, even
    though my goodwill and passion for the job is absolutely clear. That was
    nice to hear, a long time ago, that with our 130 IQ we do have a good
    hedge, hope we will all catch the right meaning of it and keep our assets
    There is also another thing, some other funds just interview us in a few
    minutes, with a few probability questions, shaped for their own purpose.
    They do not even ask or test the curiosity of the applicant, and how could
    they, because the applicant do not have any interest in showing what he
    knows, before he is hired. I guess some interviewers are too proud of their
    180 IQ… And believe other men cannot understand what they are doing.
    Wrong ! Then, either you end up in a sub-optima, or by chance, powerful
    people can see and give you the chance to work with them on the topics you
    will excell or be passionate about, and/or the last but noble solution,
    is to create your own business.
    I truly believe we must learn on our own first, then who knows. It could be
    nice to have such a Finance Expert to shape your sight. In the suboptima, I
    will always tell myself, at least I had the chance to watch his videos and
    comments. For some they are absolute fog, for others, they are absolute
    gold. For the optima, let’s see, maybe the coin will flip to the other side.
    Wish also that US could be a more welcoming place for immigrants willing to
    fulfill their goals, respecting hard work and success. After all, they
    decided to lead the world by their culture, to sell Disney movies, and make
    everybody believe we could live in a naïve, simple, beautiful and perfect
    world. So they do have a responsibility and a role to play, if they want
    to stay strong in the future. If they don’t, then, not need to believe in
    such ideas. I am still not really sure they will do it. For some
    immigrants, the opportunity cost is sometimes quite/very high.?

  3. Warren Buffett On Investment Strategy | Full Interview Fortune MPW
    Mawufemor biekro
    Jay Biekro?

  4. We are in the game. Politics is the sticking point; Warren! After all
    helping those less fortunate. Is one of the greatest awards one can
    accomplish! Pay attention to the European Charter and associations. Do not
    listen to those who continue to walloped in pity!?

  5. Here you can check out the full Warren Buffett interview on investment
    strategy – Warren Buffett On Investment Strategy | Full Interview Fortune
    MPW #valuabull ?

  6. Interviewer needs to spend less time talking about her shit and asking for
    responses for the sake of it and more time listening to the man. Stupid

  7. Radio Shack should ask this man for some advice.

    They may be able to save their company from total destruction.?

  8. I can’t wait to hear Hellary’s Benghazi answer. She let 4 American’s die
    because she didn’t want to piss off the Muslims by sending in support. Wow
    what a great President she would be. Cruz is going to eat her lunch!?

  9. Whoever did the CC for this is a complete moron. Half of what he said was
    taken phonetically… completely amazing how wrong it is.?

  10. As always, simple but powerful investment advice. I’m able retire early and
    comfortably all bcos i took his advice and invested for the long term.
    Buffett is the greatest man on earth!?

  11. I love how it’s like, some sort of modern hipsterish music and then the
    oldest dinosaurs come out. Maybe I’m reading books by cover but if you feel
    like keeping things low key…?

  12. To put things in perspective, if you had about $200,000 to invest and
    invested in his company (Berkshire Hathaway) last year around this time,
    buying one share at $170,000 and pulled it out today, one year later, you
    would make over $50,000. That is a fucking incredible ROI?

  13. Here you can check out the full Warren Buffett interview on investment
    strategy – Warren Buffett On Investment Strategy | Full Interview Fortune
    MPW #valuabull ?

  14. Would you believe. I’m not in it for thy money Warren. As you are aware. if
    we were. We wouldn’t make a dime. I have a joke up my sleeve. “Cindy Day”,
    deserves a good laugh!?

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