Warren Buffett – Speculation Vs Investment

For the latest Warren Buffett, go to WarrenBuffettNews.com – Warren Buffett and Bill Gates often play bridge together. They both eat junk food and have simple tastes. Buffett really is different. The guys on Wall Street like quick profits, but Buffett takes the long view. With an investment attitude, you look at the asset to generate the returns for you. If you buy a stock hoping that the price goes up, that is pure speculation. You have to deal with things you are capable of understanding. Then it needs to have a durable competitive advantage with talented management. You finally need a price that makes sense. With this checklist, you can find some good investment opportunities. Coca-cola (KO) ticked many of Buffett’s boxes in the 80s by a comfortable margin. Buffett bought a billion dollars worth of shares. They were very aggressive in buying KO. They also invested in American Express and Disney (DIS). They put a third of their assets into KO. You don’t need to diversify. Stick with what you know. Your 50th stock idea won’t be as good as your first. If you bet on someone early like Buffett, it can really pay off well. Buffett has spent 80 years working up a file of everything he knows about business, and he worked at it all the time. Buffett started with a pinball machine business and a used golf ball business. He also had adolescent troubles, especially when he moved to Washington DC.

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