Warren Buffett: “There’s No Way You Can Bet Against America & Win” Interview with Becky Quick Part I

valuewalk.com [Part 1/2] Becky Quick interviews Warren Buffett outside his Omaha home. Side Note: Could Buffett’s quote about betting against America apply to George Soros? Buffett talks about a variety of topics including a jobless recovery, the automakers bankruptcies, and future tax increases.
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16 thoughts to “Warren Buffett: “There’s No Way You Can Bet Against America & Win” Interview with Becky Quick Part I”

  1. @97pattan Interesting point but not accurate. Yes the rich do feed on $ and invest them abroad, which is a problem. The rich won’t become too powerful, they can only gain power by influencing politicians (like the republicans) but they can’t control votes. Democracy isn’t perfect but it will always dismantle the power of those who have too much eventually. Have faith.

  2. @zebbedi The USA government is already doing it their way..draft more money to solve the problem. This is not solving the problem because the rich would continue to feed on those $ that the government print whenever the circulating $ dries up. Ultimately the day will come when the rich would be too big for the government to rule. By then these ppl would be too powerful for the government to say no. Your votes for a government would by then become useless.

  3. @TheBlackConscience You didn’t answer any of my questions. What empirical evidence do you have that Buffett has any connection to the Rothschilds? Describe the relationship between Warren Buffett and Jacob Rothschild. If all that I have studied is incorrect then what are your sources? and how are your sources so reliable? If you don’t back up what your saying with supporting facts then you’re just talking bullshit.

  4. @zebbedi You fucking moron I meant to say Jacob Rothschild and there’s definantly a connection between the Rothschilds and buffet. theres even a picture of them standing next to Arnold Schwarzenegger. What you’ve studied is bullshit because you’re just reading what they want you to read. The Publishers arent going to put Buffets sketelon in the closet out in the open they want dumb asses like you to keep sucking his cock.

  5. @TheBlackConscience Unfortunately for you I happen to have studied Warren Buffett’s life in meticulous detail. So your mirage of bullshit is about to come crumbling down. Nathan Rothschild died over a hundred years ago. Secondly, there is no connection between Buffett and the Rothschild family. Thirdly, when did he ever claim to be an extreme patriot? Fourthly, Petrochina is a company of which the Chinese government is majority shareholder(like most big companies there) how is that working with?

  6. @zebbedi Nathan Rothschild Is his boss you retard. Buffet is only rich on Forbes list but on the planet his wealth is pocket change to the Rothschild family fortune. As for your theory about why he went after Petrochina is because he knows that petrochina has a future and GM had none but He is a so called Red blooded Patriot and Chinas the biggest competitor USA companies had why break his ethic and work with a so called Terrorist govt?

  7. @97pattan If you have a better method then fractional reserve banking for controlling and proliferating the flow of cash and credit then i’d like to hear it.

  8. @TheBlackConscience Also who are his bosses? You’re an idiot. He’s the third richest man on the planet, who the hell does he have to answer to?

  9. @TheBlackConscience Firstly, throwing good money into a bad business model won’t fix it. Secondly, the reason Buffett is the most successful investor ever is because he invests in good businesses at a fair price. PetroChina was an example of that, American cars are not. I can’t put it any simpler than that for you.

  10. @zebbedi Im talking bullshit?? Mr. America over here is full of bullshit just like you. This man doesn’t give a shit about anything but himself and his bosses. American Cars are garbage but as red blooded American as buffett is I would think he would try to invest in American buisness and try to fix it but NOOOOO he goes and invests in a company whose owners *chinese govt.* help support the genocide in Sudan..

  11. @TheBlackConscience You’re talking bullshit. You don’t know what your talking about. I could tell you exactly why he invested in PetroChina and not American cars, if your interested I’ll educate you.

  12. The rich owns banks, financial companies, property. These business could only profit when the poor walks into the bank to borrow money and repay, walk into financial companies and pay commission, buy propoerty at a higher price. Through this process, the rich gets richer by sucking the poor dry. When the poor are already dry, these business will collapse since there will be no more potential customers waiting to be suck. The only hope for them to continue their game of sucking is to return $.

  13. what Buffett is saying is bullshit!!! is that why he didnt invest in American Cars and instead invested in PetroChina….

  14. chrysler will get out of bankruptcy, but the effects of the bankruptcy on the masses will be beniftial to all in the long term, so i am also 100% optimistic about OUR future

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