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Back in the beginning, the public did have rumors, Warren Buffett a lot involved in China’s beverage and food stocks, and some even believe that Vivian is one of his involvement in the sector are generally below 10 per share growth, and long-term hold.

Warren Buffett Was not long before rumors that a new version of an end.
The completion of the second-largest U.S. railroad operator Burlington Northern Railway Company’s acquisition, on March 22, “stock god” Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway in charge of supply chain services McLean announced acquisitions of U.S. subsidiaries Alcohol Kang’s investment wholesalers (KahnVentures), but did not disclose specific financial details of the transaction.

, As usual, the shares of God, one shot, they let everyone with admiration, and for those who see clearly the direction of confusion. As the first acquisition of Burlington Northern railway companies, this time it will trigger a new round of investment guess? To share God’s appeal, which can not be overemphasized.

Optimistic about the industry Why? As Berkshire’s Warren Buffett, chairman and chief executive officer, said the acquisition will amount Berkshire and McLean brought the opportunity to enter the beverage industry. He said in a statement said: “I hope this transaction for our future acquisition of other similar quality to lay a solid platform for wholesalers.”

It is clear that God shares this acquisition as an investment in the first trial the water war.

“This is just planted.” Berkshire shareholder, YCMNet consultant Michael, chief investment strategist, said: “Berkshire is likely seeking to enter a new area, starting from the professional sector, and attempts to expansion. “Kang’s investment company in the United States, Georgia and North Carolina to hard liquor, Wine And Beer Wholesale distribution business, is also the Empire distribution company (EmpireDistributorsInc.) Parent company and other distributors.

Reality, and shares God favored beverage industry in China has shown strong staying power?? A 2009 analysis of the profitability of listed company data, is the best to prove. As of March 18, 482 listed companies released 2009 annual report, net of 8 Financial Listed companies and companies with no opening comparable earnings, 432 companies in the near Liucheng company gross margin. There are 16 industries in 2009 gross profit up, which Food & Beverage The fastest growing industry, 39%; real estate industry, 6-year gross margin decrease Steel Still the least profitable business, where margins fell 1 percent, only 6%. Analysts noted that with the continued recovery in the macroeconomic situation, inflation is expected to continue to strengthen, in the early prices, listed companies are expected to share the growth in demand and price increases in the double benefits, profitability will be increased accordingly.

Some time ago, Wahaha Zong topped Forbes Rich List, is one of the most vivid teaching materials, but the.

This time share God’s choice, and from the other side has done the best proof.

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